International Taekwon-Do Federation

Saskatchewan GTF

Provincial Chief Instructor

Washington Celis, P. Eng.

6th Degree Black Belt

Mr. Washington Celis, a 6th Degree Black Belt, Provincial Chief Instructor, is a pioneer in the formation of the Saskatchewan GTF in Saskatchewan, Canada. Mr. Celis has studied TaeKwon-Do since 1977 along with some other forms of martial arts. Mr. Celis who is also a black belt in Hapkido has gained national and international experience over the years and became a TaeKwon-Do instructor in 1983. He has earned black belts in WTF, ITF and GTF. He is currently an internationally certified black belt and examiner with GTF. Mr. Celis who has taken several Instructors Courses with Grand Master Park Jung Tae is also a certified coach in accordance with the National Coaching Certification Program. Mr. Celis has also studied engineering in Chile, Argentina and Canada. He graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 1982 and he presently works as a Reservoir Engineer for Saskatchewan Industry and Resources.

Mr Washington Celis has taught Taekwon-Do to approximately 10,000 students over the past fifteen years and has granted well over two hundred black belts. He is also instrumental in the development of elite athletes and training of the provincial team. He has led the Canadian Team to earn Bronze medals in both patterns and sparring at the 1996 European Championships in Scotland, where well over eighteen countries were in attendance. He was also the coach of the Canadian Team at the 1996 and 1997 North American Championships in Puerto Rico where Canada placed third overall. Mr Celis also led the Canadian Team to the 1997 World GTF Championships in St Louis, Missouri where Canada, among over twenty countries, placed third in both patterns and sparring. He also took the provincial team to the 1998 North American GTF Championships in Ottawa where Saskatchewan won the most medals.  He and his brother, Boris Celis, coached the black belts to the 2002 GTF World Championships in Toronto, Canada, where several medals were won in different divisions.  Clink Diekema is the current heavy weight world champion, Melisa Musharshi is the junior female world champion and Andres Celis is the junior male world champion.

Mr. Celis currently teaches Taekwon-Do in Regina, but he also conducts seminars all over the province and Western Canada. His main goal is to promote GTF TaeKwon-Do and achieve excellence through the mental, physical and spiritual development of each and every GTF student in Saskatchewan. Mr. Celis has developed a GTF TaeKwon-Do training program that will guide the student step-by-step from a novice to a black belt within a time period of approximately four to five years of regular training. This training program will effectively enable the students to grasp the fundamentals of TaeKwon-Do. In the short term, the student will learn the key ingredients for success such as desire, discipline and dedication, and in the long term, the individual will build a constructive character, which will enable him/her to live in peace and harmony with other people.

Mr. Celis' GTF Taekwon-Do Handbook was published primarily to help the Taekwon-Do student to advance through the ranks from white belt to 2nd Degree Black Belt. He encourages anyone to read the manual carefully, as it will give the student valuable insights into the organization to which he/she belongs and all testing requirements necessary for advancement in Taekwon-Do. Over the past two decades, Mr. Celis has become convinced from his experience, observations and tangible results that Taekwon-Do is far more than a Korean form of self-defense. He has seen how regular Taekwon-Do training can transform timid or shy people, and those completely lacking in self-discipline, self-respect or self-confidence, into motivated high-achievers. Mr. Celis testifies that Taekwon-Do has helped him tremendously through the course of his personal life, and he also believes that all practitioners, regardless of gender, age, race or religion, can gain many benefits from Taekwon-Do.

Washington Celis Biography

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